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Total stamps in the Slowly Collection: 1188

Hello and welcome to our WIKI, created by users for users, to share information and knowledge about the wonderful stamps used in the SLOWLY app. As the number of stamps has been steadily growing, much to the joy of the stamp collectors and users in general, we needed a reference site, with organized information, well presented and actively maintained.

You are in our main entry page, we used to have ALL of the stamps in a big table here. Which soon grew to hundreds of stamps - and was getting slower by the day. For that reason, when we reached about 600 stamps, the big table was split into Categories, which are more manageable for reading and for the local editors. Below you will find a list of the Categories used, an explanation of what they contain, and direct links to their pages.

We hope you enjoy visiting, learning more about the fascinating stamps in the collection. Thank you, please feel free to contact one of the administrators ( Yann or Dorumin ) with any questions or suggestions you have.

Slowly Stamp Types, by Category:

Category Description

Achievements Stamps

(total : 66)
Stamps that are awarded when you achieve certain milestones. These include making penpals in different countries and continents, receiving and sending certain number of letters, logging in from dfiferent platforms, collecting certain number of stamps, etc. A partial listing here.

Horoscope Stamps

(total : 12)
Stamps that are free and awarded to users based on their date of birth and corresponding Zodiac signs. You get one when you create your account in SLOWLY, and can collect the other 11 from pen pals born under different dates and signs.

Limited Stamps

(total : 109)
Stamps that are free and available for a limited time only, during festive occasions or when SLOWLY launches a new feature. Many of those later are added to the 'Time Machine' feature, so they can be obtained in the future (for a 25 Coins, random purchase fee).

Location-Based Stamps

(total : 208)
These are free and based on a user's geo-location. When you create a new account and set your home country, you will recieve a number of these (from 1 to 5, depending on the country).

Visiting other countries while travelling will unlock their own Location stamps, which you will own and be able to use even after returning home.

National Flag Stamps

(total : 164)
A new series of stamps, these started appearing in January, 2021. Flag releases are sorted Alphabetically so it's easier to find any desired country.

A reference post here contains more detailed explanations.

Region Exclusive Commemorative Stamps

(total : 136)
Similar to the 'Limited' stamps, these are free and available for a limited time and on a certain geographical region or country, during festive occasions.

Many of those later are added to the popular 'Time Machine' feature

Region Exclusive Premium Stamps

(total : 73)
These are Premium single stamps, costing 50 Coins each usually, and available on a certain geographical region or country Stamp Store for unlimited time.

Region Exclusive Stamp Sets

(total : 151)
These are Regional stamp sets, costing 100 Coins each usually, and available on a certain geographical region or country Stamp Store for unlimited time.

Premium Single Stamps, Global Store

(total : 39)
These are Premium single stamps, costing 50 Coins each usually, and available on the Global Stamp Store for unlimited time.

Stamp Sets, Global Store

(total : 188)
These are Global stamp sets, costing 100 Coins each usually, and available on the Global Stamp Store for unlimited time.

Discontinued Stamps - Singles, Sets

(total : 42)
These were available in some countries and regions, but have been Discontinued for licensing (eg. Hello Kitty) or other reasons.

They can still be received in letters sent to you by someone who already owned them.

Unclassified Stamps

(total : 0)
A temporary holding area for any stamps which do not meet the criteria for the other Categories.

Wiki Editors could use this category to add a new stamp if unsure what their proper classification would be. These will be moved to other Category soon. Thank you!

Other SLOWLY Stamp Reference Sites :

  • Friends Near and Afar is a personal Blog by an active SLOWLY user, and frequently covers new Stamp releases, collecting and other pen pal related topics.
  • Discontinued, but for a year we enjoyed a similar Wiki at Their Collection page was specially useful, since it monitored the SLOWLY API Database, and newly added stamps will show there very quickly. Sadly, the site's creator had to discontinue it, thank you F. for this valuable resource.

History of this page :

  • 2020/04/21 - Create this page and fill some fields
  • 2020/04/22 - Add stamps "Lucha Libre Mexicana", "มวยไทย"
  • 2020/04/23 - Add "sort" function to table and classify stamps
  • 2020/04/23 - Add stamps "Ramadan", "Koningsdag", "Slowly Translator"
  • 2020/04/27 - Add stamps "Slowly Translator" of some languages
  • 2020/04/28 - Add stamps "International Workers' Day"
  • 2020/04/30 - Add stamps "World Press Freedom Day"
  • 2020/05/01 - Add stamps "端午の節句"
  • 2020/05/04 - Add some past stamps and some "Slowly Translator" stamps
  • 2020/05/08 - Add stamps "Full English Breakfast", "Eggs Benedict", "Phở"
  • 2020/05/08 - Add stamps set of Thailand and Mexico
  • 2020/05/11 - Add stamp "Slowly Translator" of Vietnamese
  • 2020/05/12 - Add stamps "Taco Tuesday", "Syttende Mai"
  • 2020/05/27 - Add some past limited stamps
  • 2020/05/28 - Add stamp "You Rock!"
  • 2020/05/30 - Add stamp "Festa della Repubblica"
  • 2020/06/02 - Add stamps "Rainbow Flag", "World Environment Day", "Slowly Translator" of Swedish
  • 2020/06/05 - Add some location-based single stamps and stamp sets.
  • 2020/06/11 - Add stamp "slowly translator" of Brazilian Portuguese
  • 2020/06/22 - Add stamps "Inti Raymi","Midsommar"
  • 2020/06/25 - Add stamps "Happy Birthday to you!","Hello Macau"
  • 2020/07/18 - Add stamps "Never Stop Writing","Next Level"
  • 2020/07/20 - Add stamps set "Expressões Brasileiras"
  • 2020/07/20 - Add stamps "Kiwi, National Icon","Rubik’s Cube","International Day of Friendship"
  • 2020/07/26 - Add stamp "slowly translator" of Thai
  • 2020/07/27 - Add stamps set "居酒屋" from Japan
  • 2020/07/31 - Add stamp set "Rainforest Animals" and single stamps "Hold On Tight",Born to Sparkle"
  • 2020/08/10 - Add stamp "International Youth Day"
  • 2020/08/17 - Add stamps set "Let's Go Camping" and single stamps "Eh?", "Els Castells"
  • 2020/08/21 - Add stamp set "Traditional market food" from South Korea ("전통시장 먹거리")
  • 2020/09/02 - Add stamp sets "Dolci italiani", "Africa's Big Five"
  • 2020/09/12 - Add stamp set "Stay Home Club" , stamp "International Day of Peace"
  • 2020/09/20 - Separate this list into different individual pages
  • 2020/09/25 - Add stamp set "A Bug's Life";stamps "World Teachers' Day", "Halloween 2020";stamps "Hari Batik", "Diwali", "Delft Kissing Couple", "Philippine Tarsier", "Burro de Miranda"
  • 2020/10/04 - Add stamps "Mate", "Tango Argentino", "Pierogi";add stamp set "Hafty Polskie"
  • 2020/10/22 – Add new translator stamp of Filipino;add stamp “Falcon, National Bird”;add stamp set “Ancient Greek Philosophers”
  • 2020/10/29 - Add new stamp "วันลอยกระทง","Keep Running","Cat in the Box"
  • 2020/11/07 - Add new 22 achievement stamps
  • 2020/11/07 - Add stamp sets "České vynálezy", "Permainan Tradisional";add stamps "Símbolo Cultural y Tradición Colombiana", "Absolutní česká klasika"
  • 2020/11/12 – Add stamps “Happy Thanksgiving!”, “World Children’s Day”
  • 2020/11/30 - Add stamp set "Pâtisseries françaises";single stamp "Marianne"
  • 2020/12/05 - Add stamp set "Fairytale Houses"; single stamps "Winter Forest", "Bedtime Story", "Merry Christmas", "Happy New Year!", "Happy Birthday to you!", "Nasi Lemak"
  • 2020/12/14 - Add stamp set "Singlish"
  • 2021/01/06 - Add stamps flag stamps;add stamp "成人の日", "Martin Luther King Jr. Day", "National Hugging Day", "Data Privacy Day"
  • 2021/01/17 - Add stamps "The Vienna Four"
  • 2021/01/20 - Add stamp set "Greetings";add stamps "Swiss Army Knife", "Fondue", "Make a Wish", "Plant Today"
  • 2021/01/30 - Add new singles "Hockey", "Poutine" and "Groundhog Day".
  • 2021/02/02 - Created a new section for all new National Flag Stamps. Added new Flags of Brunei, Canada, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Gambia, Iran, Japan, Kuwait and Serbia.
  • 2021/02/02 - Add new singles "Mother's Day", "Polar Bear Day", "Valentine's Day" and "Year of the Ox".
  • 2021/02/04 - Add new Danish Translator stamp.
  • 2021/02/05 - Added new Location stamps for Bolivia, Fiji, Greenland, Lybia, Moldova and Paraguay.
  • 2021/02/28 - Add new Flags for Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Ghana and South Korea. Add new Japanese single, Doll's Day. Add new Global store items - single "Chill with Me?" and stamp set "Music Unites Us All".
  • 2021/03/03 - Added 13 new stamps; Flags for Belarus, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Mauritius, Namibia and Pakistan. Added new Regional singles Chinese Dragon Festival, St Patrick's Day and Persian Norwuz New Year. Added Global Single Father's Day.
  • 2021/03/11 - Added 6 new Location stamps, for Bahamas, Barbados, Ghana, Panama, Yemen and Zambia.
  • 2021/03/27 - Added new "Belgian Waffle" and "Saxophone" Belgian singles. Added new "Tombili" and "Evil Bead" Turkish Singles. Added new South African Desserts set.
  • 2021/03/30 - Added new national Flag stamps for Israel, Italy, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Syria, Tanzania, Togo and Zimbabwe. Added new International Jazz Day, Happy Easter, April Fool's Day Limited single stamps. Added new Shakespeare Day and Thai regional single stamps.
  • 2021/04/12 - Add new Singles 'Dream Catcher'and 'Retro Gamer'. Add new Location stamps for Botswana, Madagascar and Montserrat.
  • 2021/04/26 - Add new 'Gym Buddy'Global set.
  • 2021/04/29 - Add new 'Paella'Spain single. Add new Georgia, Sudan and Egypt location stamps.
  • 2021/05/06 - Add new flags stamps of Poland,Latvia,Netherlands,Paraguay,Cameroon,Montenegro,Yemen,Jordan,Guyana,Georgia,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Croatia and Australian Aboriginal Flag;add new Japanese single stamp "みどりの日";add new single stamp "Cinco de Mayo";add new international days' stamp "World Bee Day" and regional days' stamp "African Day"
  • 2021/10/09 - Added new National Flags for September : Brazil, Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guine-Bissau, Honduras, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.
  • 2021/10/09 - Added new National Flags for October : Austria, China, Cyprus, Czechia,Fiji, Germany, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Uganda and Zambia.
  • 2021/10/10 - Added new National Flags for August : Benin, Bolivia, Chad, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Singapore, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Uruguay.
  • 2021/10/12 - Added new National Flags for July : Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Egypt, France, Iraq, Liberia, Maldives, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Somalia, United States and Venezuela.
  • 2021/10/12 - Added new National Flags for June : Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom.
  • 2021/10/13 - Added 'It's Magic', 'Russian Idioms' and 'Chinese Idioms' stamp sets. Added some missing International Days for June, July to September. Edited 'National Flags' page to move National Day field into view, for ease of use.
  • 2021/10/28 - Added new National Flags for November : Albania, Angola, Barbados, Cambodia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Mongolia, Morocco, Oman, Panama, Suriname.
  • 2021/10/28 - Added new November regional stamps for Austria, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Guatemala, Mexico, Bhutan, India, Japan, Cambodia and Laos. Added October new Regional Singles for Vietnam, India, Mongolia, US, South Korea and Nepal. Added new 'Tarot' set. Added new Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, China, Russia, France, and Netherlands single stamps. Yann.
  • 2021/11/19 - Added many individual stamps, now we are over 1,012 total - still 8 stamps short of the 1,020 total listed on from the API database. Added notes to each page with the individual stamps entered in each. Yann.
  • 2021/12/1 - Added Day of the Ninja and Human Rights Day stamps. Added 10 new national Flag stamps - Bahrain, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Finland, Laos, Libya, Niger, Qatar, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Yann.
  • 2021/12/3 - Added new pages to split the Region Exclusive Single stamps into : Commemorative ones, Free but available for limited time. And Premium ones, always available, at a cost of 50 coins each. Updated code for Stats counter and all is working. Yann.
  • 2021/12/8 - Added 20 new Christmas Premium stamps, various countries. Added new regional commemoratives and limited stamps, total of 6. Yann.
  • 2021/12/9 - Major page renovations - added new Table to list Categories, Reference sites, links, Banner image in page, etc. Yann.
  • 2021/12/14 - Added Tió de Nadal stamp, we are now only 8 stamps short of the 1,061 currently listed in the Slowly API.
  • 2021/12/15 - Added 'Greetings' stamp set, we are now only 2 stamps short of the API total. Added new Tables in Global Stamp Sets page. Updated Counters in main list. Yann.
  • 2021/12/16 - Fixed missing header on Limited stamps page, our stamp count is now matching the API. All stamps are in - yes!!! Yann.
  • 2021/12/29 - Added new Jan 22 Flags for Cuba, Haiti, Myanmar and Sudan. Added Harbin Ice Festival, World Logic Day commemoratives. Add new Rally stamp. Yann.
  • 2022/01/5 - Added 6 new stamps; two new Premium Global issues, Year of the Tiger, Makar Sankranti, Thaipusam, Burns Night stamps. Yann.
  • 2022/01/8 - Added National Tulip Day and Skiing stamps. Yann.
  • 2022/01/20 - Added new Hungarian premium food stamps. Added the new Filipino Street Foods stamp set. Yann.
  • 2022/01/28 - Added 17 new stamps which appeared on API this morning. All described on this Reddit topic. Yann.
  • 2022/01/31 - Added new french Jour des Crêpes stamp. Yann.
  • 2022/02/26 - Added 24 new March release stamps to the pages. All described on this Reddit topic.
  • 2022/03/25 - Added 16 new April release stamps to the pages. All described on this Reddit topic.

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