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SLOWLY lets you meet pen friends from your smartphone - or a laptop or desktop computer, with the Web Client, for easier reading and writing. Match with someone that shares your passion, write a letter and collect stamps from around the world. Speak your mind – one letter at a time!

Detailed Slowly Stamps Listings

Visit this page to see all the stamps, divided by categories. We have so many stamps now that our previous 'single page stamps listing' would take a long time to load. Having over 700 images in the page is a heavy load.

Now, the Categories pages like Achievements, Location, Region-specific Commemoratives, Premium Singles or Regional Sets allow for smaller sub-pages, much more responsive.

New Country Gallery feature

Besides having Location Stamps Table Listing for each country's location stamps, we have built here individual Country Gallery informative pages for each nation.

Each Gallery page has their National Flag stamp, a brief information panel about the country, a link to their full Wikipedia page, a map of its location in the globe and a complete list of all their stamps. Location, Commemoratives, Premium singles, Regional Stamp sets.

Hand built, with care, as a useful reference for our collector friends. See the France gallery page for example?
Or check out the new Regional Stamp Sets collection.

World Explorer - Learn about what is shown in all the Location stamps

Slowly currently has 122 Nations included in the Stamps collection, totalling about 185 stamps. We always had curiosity of seeing what the landmarks and buildings shown in the stamps were based on - and now we have Individual Pages for each of the current Location stamps.

They are curious, many are beautiful, and we can enjoy the virtual Travel to see what they represent. Each of our pages has an image of the stamp, a photograph of the real monument, a short summary with information plus a link to a full Wikipedia page for it.

You can also enjoy these via our Customized Version of the Slowly World Explorer - all the stamp images and text are linked here to our individual pages for them.

SLOWLY Users Communities

There are various communities based on Slowly, such as Reddit and Discord. Here you will find the links to the designated platform:

  • Slowly SubReddit The community hub for all users of the Slowly app, for pen pals everywhere. Welcome, and consider joining us and adding comments, questions and answers to a lively forum for Slowly users, unique in the 'Net.

Special Thank Yous Dorumin, the original creator of this Wiki, which is now an essential reference for serious Slowly stamp collectors and enthusiasts. LessonWang, who made a big effort starting from mid April, 2020, and added hundreds of new stamps to the smaller set already here. the folks behind this wonderful app, all the hard working people at Slowly Communications. Letters we share, with pen pals all over the World, via the magic of the Slowly app. A modern day take in the traditional pen-pal experience.

Come and join us, if you are not yet using Slowly.

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